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Other Genetics Problems


About Genetics
Tour of Basic Genetics - Learn Genetics from the University of Utah (Genetic Science Learning Center)
Chromosomes and Inheritance - Learn Genetics
DNA from the Beginning - great selection of animations and narrations accompanying classic and modern genetics experiments
How Do Scientists Read Chromosomes? - Learn Genetics
Human Chromosomes - HHMI BioInteractive video
Harry Potter's World Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine
Paternity Testing Animation

Blood Types
Genes and Blood Type - Learn Genetics
Learn About Blood Types - Red Cross
Blood Typing Game -
How to Test Blood Types

Eye Color
What Color Eyes Would Your Children Have?
Heterochromia Genetics (two different colored eyed)

Drag-and-Drop Karyotypes (Flash)
Make a Karyotype - Learn Genetics

Sex-Linked Traits
Drag-and-Drop Sex-Linked Crosses Practice (Flash)
Virtual Lab: How can sex-linked traits be identified?

Drag-and-Drop Pedigree Practice (Flash)
How to Read a Pedigree

Chromosomal Disorders
Genetic Disorders - multiple resources
Turner Syndrome
Klinefelter Syndrome
Down Syndrome
Cri-du-Crat Syndrome

Mendel & Punnett Squares
Mendel's Experiments - Sumanas, Inc. (Flash)
Independent Assortments of Alleles - Sumanas, Inc. (Flash)
Alleles that do not assort independently (Interactive)
Virtual Lab: How can Punnett squares help predict the traits of offspring?

Meiosis Animation - Sumanas, Inc. (Flash)
Meiosis Tutorial
Stages of Meiosis - Animation McGraw-Hill
Comparison of Meiosis and Mitosis - Animation
How Cells Divide - NOVA interactive comparing mitosis and meiosis
Unique Features of Meiosis - Animation
Random Orientations of Chromosomes during Meiosis - Animation


The Human Genome Project and informative Fact Sheets
Virtual Labs: DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, PCR, DNA microarray
Plasmid Cloning - Sumanas, Inc.